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Frequently Asked Questions....

How do I send my file?
Make your files clean and simple. Supply only the files that we will need to output your job. Always keep a backup copy of the files that you supply to us. Remember, the more detailed you are in preparing your job, the faster we will be able to turn it around.  We also need a hard copy sample of your final job.

We support the following PC-based applications:
    Microsoft Word

FONTS—Supply all the fonts used in your document, including fonts used in any linked EPS files. We highly recommend using Postscript fonts instead of TrueType fonts. If you are supplying Postscript fonts, please remember to copy both the screen and printer fonts. Convert all of your typesetting to curves (or outlines) when saving eps graphics out of Indesign, Illustrator or Corel Draw. This will minimize font rejustification problems during output. Do not use symbols in some specific typefaces such as Times New Roman, Impact or Arial as the symbols will change to different shapes.

IMAGES—All images must be in CMYK, grayscale or bitmap color modes. RGB images can be reproduced through our system, although the image color will change. Images must be saved in either TIFF or EPS format (do not use JPEG). Be sure to update your links in the layout file whenever you alter any images after you place them. For printing at 175 line screen, we suggest a final image resolution of 300 dpi. Bitmap (1-color) files such as logos and line work should be 600 dpi.

DOCUMENTS SIZE—The document page size should be set to the final trim size of your printed piece. For example, if your single sheet is trimmed to 8.5” x 11”, then your document size should be set to 8.5” x 11”.

BLEEDS—Leave 1/8” bleed for any image or color that bleeds off the edge of the page. Do not change the document size. Simply drag the picture box over the edge of the document.

RICH BLACK—When you have a large area of solid black, set the color to the following percentages: 50%C, 40%M, 30%Y, 100%K. Never use this setting on small areas such as type.